Based out of Kent, OH and powered by lead guitarist Joel Covender’s alternately soaring and shredding guitar solos, Drunken Sunday’s sound also invokes hard rock riffs and spaced out jams by Covender and rhythm guitarist Ben Brown, funky bass grooves by Brian Raglow, bright and intense keys by Ted Younessi and a driving percussive backbone by drummer Cory Riley. The band's eclectic funk/rock/soul/rap fusion provides a musical platform for Covender’s intense lyrics, meditations on life and love that often lead the listener to freedom of thought and spirit.


  • Joel Covender (Guitar and Vocals)
  • Cory Riley (Drums)
  • Ted Younessi (Keyboard)
  • Brian Raglo (Bass)
  • Jesse Fetty (Hand Percussion)
  • Ben Brown (Guitar / Backing Vocals)




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